Trading safely and responsibly, minimizing risk at all times 


Our approach to the selection, development, and oversight of our trading strategy is grounded in a philosophy of consistently seeking to generate asymmetric, positive returns against a limited amount of risk exposure rather than outsized, but more volatile absolute returns.




Our trading strategy combines Breakout & Volatility Analysis. We trade breakouts on corrective wave pattern price levels within selected FX markets. 


By focusing on these types of volatility breakouts, our aim is to capitalize from the momentum of the market. This enables us to either trade with an established trend or catch a reversal in the market.


We use dynamic Stop Loss management on all our trades that enable us to lock in profits and minimize losses. We cut losses early and let winning trades run in order to generate asymmetric returns. 


​Our money management software calculates a percentage of total equity per trade, based upon Stop Loss values. This enables us to reduce drawdowns and improve the maximum return on investment by compounding interest. 

Our partner broker Darwinex and cross-connected VPS provider CNS are both located in the same Equinix London LD4 data center. This allows Pegasus FX to benefit from reduced latency and rapid trade execution, guaranteeing the fastest speeds possible.


Our aim is to be consistent with our trading, focusing on minimal drawdowns while targeting an asymmetric risk/return balance for our investors.


Trading Strategy:

Breakout & Volatility Analysis focused on key wave formation price levels. Dynamic Stop Loss & Take Profit management used on every position


Risk Level:

Between 0.5% - 2% of equity per trade

Minimum Investment:

$500 USD

Performance Fee:

20% Performance Fee on profits generated for investors (*Performance fee is calculated quarterly and on a high watermark basis)

Our Trading Statistics


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